Culinary Cooking Class, The Pavilion, The Datai Langkawi, Malaysia

The Pavilion, The Datai Langkawi

Cooking Class at The Datai

Chicken and Herbs in Coconut BrothStir-Fried King Prawns in Garlic Pepper Sauce
Words by Caning JaramilloPhotos by (The Yum List) Monica Tindall
Positioned on the shores of the majestic Andaman Sea, we recently had the pleasure of staying in one of Malaysia's most iconic properties, The Datai Langwaki. This luxurious resort presents an extensive range of leisure experiences, even for the most discerning of guests, right on site. One of the activities I appreciated this visit was a cooking class designed for wanna-be chefs just like me!

Set in the resort's Thai restaurant, The Pavilion, we enjoyed tree top views of the surrounding rainforest from the building's open walls. All of the hard work (shopping, washing, and prepping) is already done for participants, so all we have to do is put the ingredients together under the skilful eye of the resorts' Thai chef.

You need to try my cooking - YUM!Chefs for a day at The Datai Langkawi, Malaysia
Our first dish, was chef's mother's own recipe for Tom Kha Gai, translated to English as Chicken and Herbs in Coconut Broth. Here's the recipe for this tasty soup.

Recipe for Tom Kha Gai
Ingredients:         4 persons                 Chicken breast sliced               160 gramsAbalone mushroom                   50 gramsLemon Grass                             30 gramsGalangal                                    50 gramsKaffir lime leaf                          20 gramsLime large sized                       3-4 piecesCoriander roughly chopped       20 gramsSpring onion sliced                    20 gramsBird eye chilli (red or green)         to tasteCoconut Milk                                1-2cupsSugar                                             to taste Fish sauce                                      to taste

Ingredients for Chicken and Herbs in Coconut Broth
1. Cut the chilli, coriander, lemon grass, galangal and kaffir lime.
2. In a pot, bring the chicken stock to a boil over a high flame.
3. Add the previously chopped ingredients along with the sliced chicken and continue to cook until half done.
4. Reduce the flame to medium and add the mushrooms and coconut milk.
5. Season the soup with sugar and fish sauce.
6. When the chicken is fully cooked, take the pot off the flame, and finish with the spring onions, coriander and fresh lime juice.

Chopping the ingredientsVoila! Our delicious Tom Kha Gai is ready to be served
The second dish, Goong Phad Kratiem Prigthai is translated to Stir Fried King Prawns in Garlic and Black Pepper Sauce.

Recipe for Goong Phad Kratiem Prigthai 
Ingredients:    4 persons                    Peeled king prawns                          270gramsGarlic                                                30 gramsBlack pepper                                     20 gramsCoriander root                                   20 gramsCoriander leaf and stalks                  30 gramsSpring onions sliced                         15 grams Oyster sauce                        5 to 7 tablespoonsSpring onion sliced                          20 gramsDark soy sauce                                 to colourSugar                                        1-2 teaspoons Chicken stock or plain waterCooking Oil

Ingredients ready for our Stir Fried King Prawns and Black Pepper Sauce
1. Grind the garlic, coriander roots and black pepper together for about 5 minutes in a pestle and mortar, until you get a soft paste of these ingredients.
2. Heat the pan to medium and add the cooking oil. Once the oil is hot, we add the paste and wait until they turn a yellowish colour.
3. Add the king prawns and sear lightly before setting aside.
4. In the same pot add the oyster sauce, chicken stock or plain water, then simmer the sauce until it thickens.
5. Season the sauce with sugar, fish sauce and dark soya sauce to taste.
6. Return the prawns to the pot and continue to cook over a medium heat.
7. Garnish with coriander and spring onions.

Blending the ingredients with pestle and mortarMonica starts heating the pan ready to beginDelicious king prawns ready to be devoured!
Cooking complete, our table is set with steamed rice, our dishes and a couple of chilled glasses of wine. Simply super!  
Dining amongst the green Andaman jungleThe setting is readyFruit platter for dessertEnjoy!
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